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who perpetrated this wackitude?
My name is Edward Hugar and I made Dyson's creek. It is a "semi-autobiographical" comic about myself and some of my friends at SCAD. I'm a Sequential Art major, which is another way of saying "comic books."

what does the title mean? oh man its confusing.
My first quarter at SCAD I lived at the dorm Dyson House ( Dyson is right next to a creek that's so polluted it gives Captain Planet headaches just thinking about it.) I didn't have a life so I made comics in my room. I'm convinced I kept the friends I did because I put them in comics which is why I continue to make it.

how do you make the art? it is so good.
Dys Crk is made in Macromedia Flash. I use Flash because I don't know anything about Adobe Illustrator. The original "puppet-style" and all-vector no-outline technique was made by observing John Allison's Scary Go Round Comic. I have a shitty computer and use one of those mouses with a HAL robot inside it.

how long does it take to make a cartoon?
In the old days when everyone was just puppets that stand around, I could easily start making a comic at nine and finish around midnight. Now I redraw everything except the faces, and it's just a lot more elaborate. Now it takes about 10-12 hours to make a comic.

oh man who is drunkboy?
Drunkboy is a character I made up for Dys Crk because it needed a robot love interest. I do not like using real boys and real relationships in the comic because (1) it takes so long for me to make comics any boy flings have ended before I even get to introduce them (2) I don't want Dys Crk to turn into my forum for trash talking people. Drunkboy is a fun abstraction I can use to represent whatever real-life experience I want.

yes, but, why is he a robot?
Use your imaginations to pretend the robots we have today aren't just big clunky arms that butter toast and little plastic tape recorders that ask us trivia. Robots can be built to be beautiful, engineered to be strong, programmed to be smart. We're just analog imperfections. Drunkboy is just meant to be that Mr. Right.
My idea of Mr. Right drinks and parties too, because why the hell not.

who is creepy todd supposed to be?
If you've ever had an unwanted crush, that's Creepy Todd. And on the flipside, if you've ever had an unrequited love, you know how Todd feels. Todd is my way of trying to throw all my insecurities out there and make fun of them, while at the same time feeling bad about it.

i know you, i go to school with you, and i'm not in the comic.
I'm probably lazy, you don't hang out with me enough, I'm too afraid you'll be overly critical of all anything I do, or you're just too awesome for me to even know how to begin capturing you in vectors.


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