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Friends of Dyson's Creek:
Checker Depot: SCAD friend Jon Chad makes the coolest things. Plz read "Robot Dave."
Tryst-Worthy: Kevin Strickland's journal comic. He's not my imaginary friend.

Xen Comics: Clever, insightful. There are more than comics here as well!

Gay-relevant Comics:
Adam and Andy: Two guys look like ex-marines and do cute monogamous things.
AU: Shounen-ai high school drama. I think it is sweet.
Venus Envy: A good comic that deals with Transsexual issues. (The only comic dealing with trans issues I've seen? Apart from probably some shit manga I'm guessing.)
Tan Socks: Fun comic, off to a really good start.
Pinked: To quote Pinked: "You'll be there for another two days learning that 'spit' isn't an option." Great art and fantastic writing!
Prism Comics: a great resource for finding the latest gay comic news.

More Comics:
Achewood: My favorite web comic forever and ever, hands down.
A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible: Beautiful, bizarre, like I'm having a really good dream.
American Elf: James Kochalka is a genius. Pay respect!
Dinosaur Comics: Whatever they're saying is twice as funny because its dinosaurs.
Goats: Need to sue American Dad.
Go For It!: Bitter pop culture rants.
Penny Arcade: You probably already read this.
Perry Bible Fellowship: Weird and good.
Scary Go Round: Unusual British dialogue!

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